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This spot is 15 minutes walk from our hostel. It's not often there's a chance to swim with this kind of view. Go early evening and watch the swallows as they swoop along the surface of the river catching their supper.
Cnicht has to be one of the finest shaped mountains in the UK. A sort of mini-Matterhorn.
It's a fabulous hike up usually from Croesor. But there's another way from Llwynyrhwch that passes some wonderful lakes to swim in. This is Llyn LLagi.
Llyn Idwal is a magnificant cirque. It was here in 1831 that Charles Darwin discovered tiny fossils of sea life as part of his investigation that was to become 'On the origin of species.' Ten years later he was to realise that the rock formations had been carved by gigantic glaciers. Something to ponder while swimming here.
It's about a 35-40minute drive to some fantastic swimming beaches on Anglesey/Ynys Môn. Our favourite is probably Llanddwyn Island (above and below). It's £5 for the car park and free after 5pm. Walk to the island and there's lovely bays with outstanding views. Just make sure you don't get cut off by the tide though!
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